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 Cherry Bomb

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PostSubject: Cherry Bomb    Cherry Bomb  EmptyMon Sep 10, 2012 1:47 pm

Hud Name: Cherry
Nickname: Default
Nickname Placement: None
Announcer Introduction: Gary (sounds close lol)
Hometown: Dudleyville
Gender: Female
Weight Class: Featherweight
Match Tactic: Dirty
Show: Smackdown
Match Specialty: None

Head Morphing
Head: 44/3/0
Forehead: All 0
Face Morphing
Eyebrows: 37/0/0/14
Eyes: -14/33/31/0/0/0/13
Nose: 15/88/11/-32/0/20/0/0
Cheeks:All 0
Mouth: 0/0/18/0/0/-70/28
Jaw: 0/0/0/17/0/0
Ears: 0/0/-100/-19
Skin Aging: Age:10

Face Parts
Hair: 30: 80/-16/18/-51
Eyes: 2: -100/-3/-13
Eyebrows: 52: 76/7/15
Lips: 11: -100/-15/-3
Skin Tones: Face Skin Tone 8
Eyelashes: 4: 87/0/-76

48: 94/0/0/10
3: 100/-100/-12/46

Body Type
Body Type: 0

Advanced Options
Neck: all 0
Chest: 100/57/0
Bust: 100/22/0
Shoulder: -12/8/0
Abdomen: -18/0/0
Waist: -9/0
Arms: all 0
Hands: all 0
Legs: -10/-7/0
Feet: 0/0/0

Body Skin
Body Skin 1 : Now(90,0,0)

Body Height
Body Height: 5'8"

Underwear 2
Women Clothes 22: pink

Pink Attire
socks:1: -13/-77/18/100/11
shoes 16: White
Women Bottoms 16: -91/-52/30

Torso Design: 122: Put as in the pics
Torso Design: 103: rotate place so it goes straght across the top: -88/-82/72/100
Torso Design: 20: place on the right side of the the women clothes and make the vertical and horizontal smallest
Torso deisgn: 99: smallest horizontal and place so it is directly under the above design: Red

Black Attire
Women Clothes:23:Black

socks:1: -13/-77/18/100/11
shoes 16: White

Keep make up the same

Torso Design 103: Rotate once: largest vertical, smallest or second smallest horizontal sry i forgot: place along the top of the women clothes

Repeat the above step, and place next to the other design so that it connects to the design and connects to the women clothes strap

Women bottoms:5:-13/-100/-100

Design 103: rotate once: Smallest vertical: largest horizontal: red

Repeat the above steps till it goes all around the caw as in the pics

belt 1:100/-100/-100/100
Torso design:122:place on skirt as in pic
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Cherry Bomb
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