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 "Andrew Test Martin"

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Name: Test
HUD: Test
Nickname: Default
Nickname Placement: None
Announcer Introduction: Andrew
Hometown: Toronto,Canada
Gender: Male
Weight Class: 285lbs (Super Heavyweight)
Match Tactics: Dirty
Show: I chose Smackdown
Voice: Voice 3
Match Specialty: None


Head Morphing
head (11,-38,0)
forehead (-52,11,20,15)

Face Morphing:

eyebrows (-100,-55,0,60)
eyes (-6,-23,-34,68,-19,0,19)
nose (-26,7,2,-15,14,1,12,-48)
cheeks (-61,91,12,2)
mouth (-8,-18,-39,-9,-40,4,-61)
jaw (-100,-100,0,-32,-8,23)
ears (-44,6,-43,19)
skin aging (0)

Face Parts:

hair 1/50 (85,-7,35)
eyes 2/8 (100,0,-18)
eyebrows 31/54 (79,15,39)
Facial hair- other- 4/27 (90,0,-4,4)
Facial hair- other- 18/27 (82,2,11,11)
Facial hair- other- 11/27 (84,1,10,11)
lips: Default
Skin tones: 1/13
eyelids: Default
Teeth: Default

Body Type:
Body Type (-19)

Neck: (-100,15,6)
chest: (52,-9,-11)
shoulder: (-100,19,-100)
abdomen: (-1,21,28)
waist: (15,31)
arms: (24,-6,-14)
hands: (50,-8,4)
legs: (35,-23,7)
feet: (3,12,39)

Body Skin: 4/9 (91,-2,0)

Body Hair: Default

Body Height: 6'6"

Make-up: 59/65 (92,0,-31,0)


Headwear- Piercing- 9/12 (76,-50,71)

Wrist bands- both arms- 4/22 (-100,-100,-73,100,24)

Elbow Pads- both arms- 2/16 (-13,-78,-74,100)

underwear: 1/28

Knee Pads- both legs- 5/15 (-13,-100,-75,100)

Shoes: 1/29

Gloves: 7/17 (-100,-100,-74)

Logos-arms- right arm- design- 103/137- Largest vertical 2nd larget horizontal- put over white parts (-19,-100,-31,96)

Do the Same on other glove

Logos- torso- front- WWE- 16/47- 2nd Smallest vertical- largest horizontal- put on side of underwear (100,0,0,100)

Copy layer and move it to other side of underwear

Logos- torso- front- design- 99/137- largest vertical- 2nd largest horizontal- rotate once- put over middle of WWE design so black part in middle doesn't show (-100,-100,42,100)

Copy layer and do same on other WWE design

Logos- arms- left arm- design- 101/137- smallest vertical- smallest horizontal- put on shoulder (-19,0,-100,50)

Logos- arms- left arm- design- 45/137- smallest vertical- smallest horizontal- put on left side of last design so the right edge touches the middle of the cross (-19,0,-100,18)

Logos- arms- left arm- WWE- 46/47- smallest vertical- smallest horizontal- rotate 3 times- Put on right side of cross so the nose of the bull barely touches the end of the cross (6,9,-61,0)

A.I. Fighting Style:
Style 1: Striker
Style 2: Brawler

Move- Aggressive
Irish Whip- Less
Diving Moves- Less
Taunt- Less

Crowd Siggs:
Sign 1:"Match of the Year" 22/22
Sign 2:"ECW" 19/22
Sign 3:"Just Bring It" 18/22
Sign 4:"Tables,Ladders,Chairs" 18/22

"Andrew Test Martin" Imgp0084eq0

"Andrew Test Martin" Imgp0086eh6

"Andrew Test Martin" Imgp0085sz2
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"Andrew Test Martin"
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